Primary Care/Telemedicine

Empowered Health can be your primary care provider, with easy online appointments and mobile in-person visits.

Chronic Health Management

We don't just prescribe pills and hope things get better. We work with you and our partners to manage all of the causes of your condition.

Stress Management

Stress is an underappreciated source of many health problems. We have special training in many stress-management modalities.

Holistic Health Plans

Get the best of western medicine, combined with the latest in nutrition, stress management, massage, fitness, and counseling.

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Insurance policy
We do not accept insurance, we are a cash pay provider. We encourage clients to have a High Deductible Health Insurance plans with a Health Savings Account. Labs and radiological tests can be submitted by the client to their insurance company for possible compensation.
Prescription policy
At Empowered Health we encourage clients to take control of their own healthcare. When prescriptions need to be refilled, please address these needs during visits. Any prescriptions called in outside or immediately after an appointment will be assessed a $10 fee.