Coronavirus Update April 2nd

April 2, 2020 Coronavirus Update

Knox counties COVID-19 numbers have increased dramatically since the last update on March 25th from 15 cases to 78 cases with one death. We are a week and a half behind the big cities so expect the numbers to continue to increase exponentially. Also, if we have 78 confirmed cases then we have at least 300-500 cases that aren’t symptomatic or are unconfirmed.

While diagnostic capabilities continue to be inconsistent, we are starting to receive more preventative supplies. Masks and protective equipment are becoming more available in the market for medical facilities. In the last update we talked about how seamstresses were helping make masks along with local businesses. They are continuing to make masks and help our community.

Where do we go from here? Currently, the main measures are physical distancing and handwashing. I recommend the use of face masks. Any facemask is better than no facemask. The government hasn’t recommended these steps yet, because they don’t have enough mask for the front line much less the rest of the country. Locally there are companies making cloth facemasks with a filter between the two layers of cloth. One of my main concerns is that food service workers are not wearing masks. If a food service worker acquires COVID-19 they can easily spread the virus to many people through contact and the food. I highly recommend that restaurants and fast food eateries require their employees to wear masks and gloves.

I still recommend Vitamins and minerals to help prevent and decrease the symptoms of COVID-19. I am currently taking 500-1000mg of Vitamin C daily. As the threat increases in Knox county, I will increase the Vitamin C. I also recommend Zinc and Turmeric.

Yoga has been going well! We have a great group and are always welcoming more. Yoga is every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8pm Eastern. If you would like to participate go to and sign up for the newsletter. Steer your story is an amazing online course and Kristin is an amazing resource. We encourage people to reach out and try some new experiences. If anyone is leading an experience, we would love to promote it. For new experiences contact me at [email protected].

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